Last Daze Duo

All great stories should start with a song. The song that starts this story was “Make It Alright”, penned in her college dorm room by a 19 year old Katy Cole. The song was one of many in a notebook that showed up at jam session in an old River House in the Adirondack Mountains. Chris Schempp was one of the musicians, and immediately connected with Cole, quickly adding guitar riffs and responses to her vocal lines. Before the end of the session, the group had recorded 4 songs. It only seemed natural to record more.
Fast forward 10 years later, through numerous band names, side projects, and other musical stimulation- along with a total of 30 recorded original songs, Schempp and Cole, accompanied by an ever-changing line up of talented musicians, joined forces with producer, Shooter Jennings to record their new album, “Symbols & Snares” as Last Daze. “Symbols & Snares” was recorded in the Echo Park region of LA at Station House Studio, led by engineer, Mark Rains.  
While in LA, Jennings sought to bring out the songs that had the most feeling and raw emotion in them. He wanted to capture the intimate moments described in Katy Cole’s lyrics.


“The best thing about Katy (Cole) and her voice and songs is that, one minute it reminds me of something you would get from Florence & the Machine and the next minute it might be a beautiful country ballad. Then something reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails will pop up on the record. It’s so unpredictable, which is the way I like my music. I was really glad they asked me to be a part of this project and I’m very proud of the record we’ve been making this year.” – Shooter Jennings


After their return from LA, Last Daze has gone on to headline shows, as well as support many national acts. Katy Cole has appeared on Shooter Jennings’ recent release, “Don’t Wait Up (For George)”, and performed on Fox’s Imus in the Morning with Shooter and his band, the Triple Crown. She also has an appearance on his upcoming album, “Countach (For Giorgio)”, which features cameos from notable artists such as Brandi Carlile and Marilyn Manson.
The first single off of “Symbols and Snares”, entitled, “Heaven Won’t Let You In” became part of the BCR Mixtape 2014, a compilation of highlights from the busy year at Black Country Rock. Last Daze’s song was featured alongside songs by Shooter Jennings, Waylon Jennings, Wanda Jackson, Jamey Johnson, Ron Jeremy, Mick Foley, and many more.

Last Daze has no intention of slowing down. The group recently recorded a 3 part Opus entitled, “Love and Affliction” at Shadow Hills Farm, to keep their studio chops sharp. They have been constantly writing new songs, performing them in front of their ever- growing audiences.
“The quartet brought the house down with a three-part “suite”, Ms. Cole called it, of “Love and Affliction” that was particularly powerful, country-spirited with a Led Zeppelin edge. Watching them, you get a sense of the physical exertion that’s involved in music making – not because they’re exhausted up there, but because they play hard, and raw, and so straight-forward. This not a party band, yucking it up. They’re telling stories and working those strings and skins for all they’re worth. The result is a most satisfying night of music.” – Cathy DeDe The Chronicle
“Symbols & Snares” was released on BCR Los Angeles in August 2015. Last Daze will be hitting the road for an extensive tour to support their new album. Keep up with them on facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and at lastdazeband.com for tour schedules, pictures, music samples, and overall entertainment.



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