New Album In The Works

Hello everyone!

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and Schempp, Mick, Pork Chop and myself have been busy working on some new tunes for you guys. Things are going swimmingly and the songs are starting to breathe life of their own. 15073300_10100325822531352_7828502014529085792_n
As musicians, we always want to go the next step bigger, and write better music, and just be better people at the end of each album, so forgive us, that we are spending some extra time on this album.

We have a few holiday shows coming up. Schempp and I will be playing Glens Falls, NY at Gug’s on Saturday, Nov. 26th, and then at Hop Fest in North River, NY on Sunday, Dec. 4th. We will also be appearing with our very talented friends, Capital Zen at Gug’s for a special Festivus show on Dec. 23rd.

Our shows will be picking up more in the spring, and we’re going to spend the majority of the winter working on our new record. We promise it will be bad ass. How could it not be?

We hope you and your family have a very blessed Holiday season. Keep checking back, we may be posting some EXCLUSIVE footage soon!

Lots of love,

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